The unique hospitality concept encourages The Clarion Inn Amps guests to spend quality time with families and friends, engage business associates and experience the finest five star services. The Clarion Inn Amps stimulates fabulous eatry: "Prism Dine Restaurant”. The Clarion has made its mission to see the guests every need, from the sizeable to the most detail-oriented or even eccentric. We look forward to being of service and making your stay a memorable one. Magnum Bar It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet drink after a long day at the bustling mall. The bar serves pleasant cocktails and beverages to order.


Prism Dine

Up to 80 guests can be seated in the prism Dine. The restaurant Prism Dine menu draws inspiration from the culinary preferences of the people from the Northern region.


Amps Lounge

(A Private Lounge) a variety of customizable options like contemporary celebrations and after parties can also is hosted at this venue which can seat up to 30 guests.


Yes Lounge

Our exclusive private venue for more intimate and private gatherings. We ensure every detail of your special day or event is perfect, including the cuisine.


Magnum Bar

Up to 50 Guests can be seated in a Magnum Bar. An ideal bar for those looking for a relaxing British Style Bar in Patiala, Magnum Bar offers the finest collection of scotches, cognacs, single malts, bourbons, Irish whiskies, vintage champagnes and wines, up-market spirits and liqueurs.